Colour Compatibility Test

Hair Dye Procedure In Salon

Hair dye allergies are rare and unlikely, however before every new appointment we do require our customers to come in 48hours before the appointment to have an allergy test. The current skin test procedures have been devised to minimise risk and maximise your safety.

During your initial consultation you will be advised on the best results and products. Skin tests are performed 48 hours before the hair is due to be coloured as reactions can take up to two days to occur so it is important that the test is given sufficient time to process.

Skin tests are carried out to make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients in the products that are going to be used on your scalp and hair.

How it works – a small amount of the product will be put onto your skin to test your response to it. You will still need to be tested if you are having a colour using foils or only colouring the ends of your hair as the products will come into contact with your skin when you have your hair washed.

If you have known allergies let us know so that we can check the product ingredients before they are tested.